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Dream Acres Pouter Hotel

So You Want to Raise Pouters
Helpful Hints to get You Started
  • Currently all pairs of English, Pigmy's and Reversewings are broke up for the winter.
  • 1 pair of racing homers on a baby for I need additional feeders.
  • I banded 7 Pigmy Pouters this season.
  • I banded 16 English Pouters and 3 Reversewings.
  • Show season is almost over and preparations to get the birds ready for 2010 breeding season!
  • Shows attended or attending:
    Nov 14th Hutchinson, MN.
    Nov 15th Humboldt, IA.
    Dec 11-12 Des Moines, IA
    Jan 28-30 Salt Lake City, UT

    Show Results 2009 - 2010