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Clem's Pouter Loft

Jeff Clemens Breeder of Pouters

Welcome to Clem's Pouter Loft
Jeff Clemens: Owner

The bottom photos are of past lofts, current and past friends....enjoy!

The pictures displayed are of a converted corn crib that allowed me to redesign as a loft. The section I'm using is 10x40 feet for our main loft, we also have a heated breeding room in another building.

Through the years I have had various types of lofts as you look at my them in the pictures below you see I have either converted a garage or a shed into a loft. This venture was the most challenging of all but will be the most rewarding when completed. I have always dreamed of having this much room to work with my hobby of raising my favorite breed of pigeons "The Mighty Pouters". I've been to many lofts and have always admired Gerry & Judy Lieberman's loft and many others. It has been my desire to have a loft where I could raise more than one breed of Pouters and just have the room to keep the birds healthy and strong.

The New Building was completed 30 May 2009, construction began December 27, 2008 from an old dungy shell and battling temps in the teens.


This is the outside of the building on Dec 14, 2008
Notice the 3 thick beams on the left side.

A closer view of the building, hard to believe this can transpire into a loft.

The inside...oh my Gosh!
Look at the criss-crossing beams and all the re-rod.
What an impossible mission....what the hell was I thinking. 

This picture will be of the outside of the loft as of 1 Jan 2009.

This picture shows the outside of the loft as of 1 Jan 2009 with the windows installed and beams gone. The side of the building will be painted with an addition of fly pens. 

Inside picture and notice the new windows, no beams crossing, no re-bar and ready for the breeding pens and 4 dividing large pens (1 Jan 2009).

This picture shows the inside of the loft (1 Jan 2009) with the windows installed and beams gone. The picture was taken looking back at the door, siding still needs to be installed and electricity. 

The Boss gave me a break from construction to spend time at the condo in Silverthorne, Colorado (29 Sept 2008).

This picture shows the outside door install on the loft (16 Feb 2009). The picture was taken looking north toward the door, siding still needs to be painted and Fly pens installed. 

The inside of the loft looking south toward the door. The inside of the loft still needs electricity installed and the wall panels. Should be completed in April 2009.

This picture shows the frame-work of the individual breeding pens for the Racing Homer foster parents (8 Mar 09). 

The inside of the loft showing the frame-work of the second individual breeding pens for Silesian Pouters and Pigmy's (8 Mar 09). The Loft will feature 5 sections all equipped with Individual Breeding Pens. Completed in April 2009.

I took a picture of the frame-work for the English Pouters and the individual breeding pens for the Racing Homer foster parents (20 Mar 09). 

A close up angle showing the Racer Homer breeding pens. (20 Mar 2009)

This picture shows the frame-work of the entire section housing the Racing Homer foster parents (20 Mar 09). 

The roof is on the Racer section and the wall frame ready for door and wire.(20 Mar 09). I didn't take a picture because it darkness set in but the door is done and wire up. Starting 28 March I will be finishing the Pouter sections.

The overhead view with the ceiling and the added individual Pouter breeding pens. There will be 22 individual Pouter breeding pens when completed, plus the 6 individuals in the heated loft.(28 Mar 09). 

A nice view of the individual breeding pens, the dimensions are 28 inches high, 2 feet deep by 42 inches wide (3 1/2 ft). These individuals will house the English, Silesian and Pigmy's. (28 Mar 09). B>

Ready to put the fronts on the individuals and add another section of community loft area. (29 Mar 09). 

Three more fronts on and now ready for my shipment of birds.(29 Mar 09).

All the individuals are completed, ceiling completed and now just need to finish sectioning off the loft. (4 Apr 09). 

Birds are settling in the pens and eggs are dropping daily.(4 Apr 09).

You can see that the loft is now about 98% completed and just need the nice to have touch ups. 4 Large Community Pens, a Work, Storage and Feed area, plus 30 individual breeding pens.
(17 May 09). 

The finished Product!
(7 Jun 09).

And there was Light!.
(18 June 09). 

The finished Product with electricity installed!
(18 Jun 09).

Closer view of new fly pen in the two young bird sections.(14 Aug 09). 

The finished Product with New fly pen to catch some rays and get a bath!
(14 Aug 09).


The Clemens lofts of days past.

Past lofts 1985-1998



My first Pouter Loft back in 1969
The Loft was design by my dad, we both built it together as a father and son project.
I will always remember him taking an interest in helping me with my hobby.
I had Pouters from Kenny Cran (Fort Dodge, IA) and Roger Heywood (Underwood, IA)

My Blue Check Cock - bred by the late Kenny Cran
I purchased him with my lawn mowing money in 1970, my first English Pouter. Red Hen in the nest was also purchased from Kenny 2 weeks later.
Blue Check Cock Won Best by a Junior with the National English Pouter Club at the ISPA Des Moines Show in 1971.

My son Keegan and I playing football in the snow next to our loft back in 1985. Keegan was 3 years old.

Side view of the 1985 loft with the fly pen and bath water.

Looking into my 1985 loft and the floor is cover with ground corn cobs. 

My 1985 kit box filled with some John White, Livermore, Iowa Rollers.

We moved out to the country in 1992 and I worked a new building for my racing homers. 

I found this hen house and had it moved in. I converted it into a Loft where my son and I raised fanails, racing homers, English Pouters and Frills. Loft picture taken in 1995.

The Late Bill Pemiskern and myself (1989).


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