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Clem's Pouter Loft

Jeff Clemens Breeder of Pouters & Croppers

Welcome to "Clemdog's" Pouter Loft
Jeff Clemens: Owner

Pictures of the 2016 breeding season will be added later!
I like to share what we are doing with everyone, just plain ol' Pouter fun.

Best Old Cock, !st Reserve Champion E.P.
NEPA, MPCC & NPA West Regional Show 2016
Mealy English Pouter Cock - NPA DA 2213 (2014)
raised by me and a stock bird

2011 #104 Blue English Pouter Hen of Clemdog's Loft.

The English Pouters shown below were raised by "Clem's Lofts and we had another good breeding season in 2016. I have been lucky to purchase some excellent English Pouters over the years from top breeders like Frank Barrachina, Gerhard Meier, Ernst Baldauf, Marvin Hixon and Adil Hrnic. I have our English Pouter pairs identified for 2017. The English displayed below are 2007-2016, birds which I have raised at my Iowa Loft.

2014 English Pouters

Young Yellow Cock best Young Cock at Hutchinson, MN. (2014).

2013 Young Blue English Pouters (2013).

2012 #118 Blue English Pouter Cock, Breeding Stock (16 June 13), Father of the Des Moines 2013 Champion English Pouter.

2011 #102 Blue English Hen, Breeding Stock (14 Apr 13), Mother of the Des Moines 2013 Champion English Pouter.

Past English Pouters

2009 Young Red Cock strutting it's stuff in one of the young bird sections, this bird was Champion at Humboldt, IA - NCIPA Show 2009.

Best Blue English Pouter at Salt Lake City, Utah 2010 NPA Grand National - Owned & Bred by Jeff Clemens.

Again the Young Blue Hen raised in 2009 and has nice station, still fairly young here. She was best Blue at the NPA Grand National 2010.

This 2009 Red Hen was bred this season out of parents purchased from Adil Hrnic she was the Best Red at the 2010 Grand National.

Mealy Young Cock
This Young Cock was bred by Jeff Clemens in 2009, Champion English and Overall Pouter at Hutchinson, MN CCPC Meet. 

This Red Cock #640 was bred by Adil Hrnic in 2008 and shown this year at Louisville, KY and Des Moines, IA.

Old Yellow Cock used in breeding Stock at Clem's Loft in 2009. 

Cream Old Hen from Adil Hrnic, mother of Best Blue at the NPA Grand National 2010.

A beautiful Yellow Hen that Adil won with at Louisville in 2007 at the National Young Bird Show. She now resides at Clemdog's Loft. 

2009 Mealy Cock - Over-All Pouter & Cropper Champion at the Central Pouter & Cropper Club Show at Hutchinson, MN (14 Nov 09).

2010 Young Birds - Mealy & Yellow from our great English Pouter stock birds (24 Apr 10).

Young Red Cock, Over-All Pouter & Cropper Champion at the Humboldt Iowa Show (15 Nov 09) .

Yellow English Pouters No band and #0 purchased from Frank Barrachina. (2009).

Red English Pouter Hen #554 (2009).

2010 Group of Young English Pouters that are being hand fed - all English Pouters are hand fed. (24 Apr 10).

Young 2010 Red English Pouter (24 Apr 10).


Ten years of desiring to own and raise German Beauty Homers,
I finally got a foundation stock thanks to Rolly Parrot, Atlantic, Iowa
and Bill Eaton, Sturgoen Lake, Minnesota.
I am also breeding Racing Homers and they are used as Foster Parents.
Most English Pouters have a difficult time raising babies because of their legs length.
I purchased the Homers from Mr. Rick Krug, Fort Dodge, Iowa

My German Beauty Homers

My Young Black Pied Cock #745 - bred by Bill Eaton
Champion at Des Moines Show 2013 a AGBH Club Meet.

Mike Hughes, Myself and John Heppner(Judge)
at the Des Moines Show 2013 with
Champion & Reserve Champion GBH's .

John Heppner judging the finals at
the AGBH 4th District Club Meet
in Des Moines, IA 2013.

Members of the AGBH Club
4th District with Judge John Heppner
Des Moines, IA, Dec 14th 2013.

My Mealy Bar Pied Cock - bred by Bill Eaton
I purchased him 20 April 2013.
He's ready to breed and already mated with my Blue Hen.

My Blue Bar Hen - bred by Bill Eaton
I purchased her 20 April 2013.
She's ready to breed and expecting a good year.


Me in my early years raising English Pouters
All English Pouters below were raised by me from 1971 to 2003.

Me at age 14 in my first Pouter Loft
The Loft was design by my dad, we both built it together as a father and son project. I will always remember him taking an interest in helping me with my hobby.

My Blue Check Cock - bred by the late Kenny Cran
I purchased him with my lawn mowing money in 1971, my first English Pouter. Red Hen in the nest was also purchased from Kenny.
Blue Check Cock Won Best by a Junior with the National English Pouter Club at the ISPA Des Moines Show in 1972.

Young Yellow Hen #401 (03) a nice bird with plenty of type, bred from #415 (02) Red Cock and #411 (02) Yellow Hen, both owned and bred by Jeff  

Mealy Cock #733 (01)
This Mealy cock was bred from two excellent birds.

Yellow Hen #411 (02)
This Yellow hen was bred from excellent birds. 

Red Cock #417 (02)
This Red cock was bred from another excellent Red cock #890 and Red hen #53.

My first young bird for 2002 a nice Red Cock #403. 

One of my best reds raised in 2003, a nice long legged birds with a thin waist. This youngster also developed a nice upright stance as it grew stronger. #405

A group of young reds bred in 2002, #415 (02),
#417 (02) and #420 (02)
These are all third generation bloodlines 

More Young birds from 2002 and they are 3rd generation birds out of my bloodlines - I had excellent breeding stock in Red, Yellow, Mealy, Strawberry, Black, Dun and Blue.


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